We love our new site. The design is clean and clear and modern, which is exactly what we were looking to achieve. Melissa took the time to explore what we wanted and then produced something that worked perfectly for us.

Shon Burton, HiringSolved
Shon Burton headshot

Project Background

When HiringSolved came to us, they knew they needed their site redesigned, but were having a hard time getting the outside perspective needed to know where to start. We worked with them to refine the site architecture, and seeing that they didn't have a consistent system for their brand visuals, we recommended working through some brand strategy prior to starting the website design. We developed an identity system for HiringSolved that reflected their business goals to be "as simple as a spreadsheet" and as clean and easy a Google product, then worked to extrapolate that to an effortless web experience for their customers.

HiringSolved already had a logo when they came to us. We worked with them to build out a visual system that reflected their desire to create products ‘as simple as a spreadsheet.’ The elements are clean and clear, with an aggressive use of their signature shade of blue.

HiringSolved logo
HiringSolved color palette
HiringSolved signature typefaces

We were inspired by bold, simple forms and a ruthless, unapologetic use of blue. Throughout the system you’ll see this inspiration reflected in the crisp, blocky layout structure and vast fields of blue color.

HiringSolved inspiration images

Before beginning the website design, we wireframed the site pages in order to plan out the structure of the content, and how the pages respond at various screen sizes.

HiringSolved website wireframes

Once we had created a plan for the content on each page, we designed the site using the visual system we had established previously.

HiringSolved website home page
HiringSolved website pricing page
HiringSolved website home page large view

We also helped HiringSolved with some user interface design for both the Hiring Solved app and a Chrome extension called Prophet that they were developing to help recruiters mine contact info from social profiles.

HiringSolved Prophet UI design