We recently decided to take a little foray into designing and printing a few t-shirts and wanted to share the process and the results.

Before going gung-ho with t-shirt printing, we used a stencil and Lumi light-sensitive dye to print a few prototypes (see this handy tutorial for how to create a stencil using freezer paper), and the process really couldn’t be easier. Once we knew we liked the results, we ordered negatives from Lumi using their mobile app in order to make printing the shirts a bit easier. We ended up dying close to 50 shirts to send to a few clients and colleagues as a new year’s gift, and although creating this many shirts using this process wasn’t quick, it sure was fun!

Our t-shirt prototyping process

Strong Design t-shirt prototype animation

The final product ready to send out

Strong Design 2013 t-shirt designs