Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing. More than ever before, your customers expect a beautiful, well-engineered web experience that puts their needs first.

For most of our clients, we recommend the development of a custom WordPress website as the right platform for their website. Choosing WordPress means that you’ll have the ability to log into the administration area of your site and make updates to most of the copy and images without having to learn a lick of code. Additionally, because WordPress is such a popular platform, it provides one of the largest libraries of plugins, which that enables us to make advanced functionality more available to you than if we would have to hand-write the functionality from scratch every time.

We develop all of our custom WordPress websites from scratch, because you are a unique organization with a unique brand story and a specific set of goals and challenges to meet. We don’t believe that stock templates can deliver the best experience for your audience, so we engineer our sites to embrace those elements in order to set you up for exceptional success. It takes quite a bit more work to build a custom WordPress website, but we believe it produces a better product for you and your audience.

Our custom WordPress websites typically take 2-4 months to design, build and deploy. Pricing ranges from $7,000–$15,000, depending on the depth and complexity of your needs. If the architecture of the site is not clear enough during the sales process, we will often recommend beginning with a planning and architecture engagement in order to clarify the scope of the site before pricing the design and build of the site.