As an online business, you only stay in business if your application works for your customers, and more than ever before, your customers expect a beautiful, well-engineered experience that puts their needs first.

These days, we encounter many tech startups who possess a razor-sharp vision paired with an eye for aesthetics and a team of talented developers, but lack the in-house talent to bring their interface to life. We can help you clarify your user’s goals, then design an easy-to-use interface that helps them achieve the task at hand in a delightful way, all while remaining on-brand and respectful of technology limitations.

We offer two ways to tackle your application design project:

  • Retainer-based: A retainer-based process is ideal for organizations who want to see more ideas and iteration. Since the project will essentially be an ongoing project, it is a great solution for organizations who are still in the process of clarifying your vision for the interface, and want the flexibility to see many solutions over a longer period of time. In fact, the retainer arrangement is very helpful in prototyping new ideas to vet with clients or product development or technology teams. See more information about our retainers here.
  • Project-based: With a project-based approach, iteration isn’t quite as fluid of a process, so this type of project works best when you have a defined brand and a very clear vision of the interface that you can relay to us, or when you want to draw out the iteration process into multiple engagements. Project-based interfaces are is priced on an individual basis, based on the magnitude and complexity of the scope.

Note: The following process reflects a fixed scope; a retainer-based process would follow similar steps, but there would be much more room for iteration, additional concepts, and extension of the timeline due to the longevity and flexibility of the retainer