Whether you're just starting out or are refreshing the image of your organization, strategically building your brand image is critical. When building a brand, the logo design is an important foundational element that serves as a visual identifier of your organization.

If your business is a commodity business, often a logo design is enough on its own. This is because as a commodity, you aren’t trying to differentiate your product or service as much within your industry, so a simple identifying mark will get the job done. However, if your business is focused on creating new value for your customers or clients, it will likely prove a better long-term investment to develop a brand strategy in lieu logo design. This is because in developing a value-based business, it is critical to invest in developing your brand tenets, and a full visual language in order to communicate your uniqueness and value.

When working with a client on a logo design project, we focus solely on creating an identifiable mark for your company. Logo design ranges from $1500-$2500, depending on your needs.