Whether you're just starting out or are redefining your organization, strategically building your brand is critical. A brand design allows you to better define and leverage your unique market position, and lays a firm foundation for your future marketing and sales initiatives.

With the advent of so much glorious modern technology, it has become so easy to start a business. Unfortunately, that also means there are more businesses than ever, and it has become harder for your business to communicate clearly amid a growing sea of competitors. Developing a brand strategy will deliberately and clearly define your brand. Adhering to the brand strategy will enable you to communicate your message consistently and easily across all mediums, and become more recognizable to your audience. Plus, a clearly defined brand strategy is invaluable for communicating and aligning your brand internally with your team.

Depending on your business’ exact needs, a brand strategy can help you do any or all of the following:

  • Define or refine your core brand tenets: Purpose, values and style
  • Define or refine your audience personas
  • Develop your business or product name or tagline
  • Develop or refine your logo design
  • Develop or refine your visual language: Colors, fonts/typography, motifs, patterns, textures, photography, illustration, or iconography styles
  • Develop or refine your verbal language: Brand story, voice and tone, messaging framework, or library or sample words and phrases

Brand strategy design ranges from $2500-$7500, depending on depth and complexity of the scope. View samples here.