Melissa's communication is thorough, thoughtful and concise. She transformed my small idea into well-executed brand and web design. I'd highly recommend Strong Design for any design project that requires talent, quality, and affordability.

Lindsay Bayuk, Wash
Lindsay Bayuk headshot

Project Background

Lindsay Bayuk is not one to back down when challenge. When faced with a dare to take something as simple as soap and build a brand around it, she came to us to help her build the image of her men's line of bodywash, appropriately named Wash. As a marketer herself, Lindsay brought a strong vision to the table and we wanted to help turn it into a reality. In our discovery session with Lindsay, she explained how Wash is designed for men in search of a pure, simple, environmentally-friendly body wash that isn't girly. She wanted the brand to leave a bold, clean, intelligent impression.

We decided a simple typographic logotype was the right direction for the logo, and paired it with a fresh color palette and bold and classic typefaces to deliver Wash’s message in an powerful way.

Wash logo design
Wash color palette
Wash signature typefaces
Wash package design

We developed a website design that delivers on the brand promise of a clean simple product with a fresh, straightforward design.

Wash website - home page design
Wash website - Product page design