Working with Strong Design has been a wonderful experience. Melissa's communication skills are excellent and I have been so happy with my branding and the quality of my website. I am so pleased and I highly recommend her!

Victoria Crawford
Victoria Crawford headshot

Project Background

When Victoria came to us, she was struggling to figure out how her products as an author fit together with her career as a coach. Together we determined that her writing should be nested beneath her own personal brand. Finally understanding how these two halves of her work fit together, she knew the next step was to build a more deliberate brand image around herself. We worked with Victoria to refine and define what makes her who she is as a professional, then developed a visual identity system, collateral and a website design that reflected who she is and what she brings to her audience.

We developed a logo for Victoria that features a gently bending stem and leaf worked into the type. This leaf is designed to reflect the idea of bending with life’s circumstances, rather than being broken by them. The palette was inspired by colors found in nature, a source of strength for Victoria.

Victoria Crawford logo design
Victoria Crawford color palette

As a coach, Victoria knows that it is important to be able to be flexible, yet strong, so to reflect these ideas we implemented a soft, round serif typeface along with a firmer, more structured san-serif typeface. We also developed a gradient image treatment that creates a rich, relaxing, natural feeling.

Victoria Crawford signature typefaces
Victoria Crawford photo treatment

Victoria’s business cards are vertical in format in order to best accommodate the logo and length of the copy on the card. The back features a nature image in the blue and green gradient.

Victoria Crawford business card design

We also worked with Victoria to lay out her workbook and to produce assorted collateral to market classes and workshops she holds.

Victoria Crawford workbook design

With her brand securely in place, we began redesigning her website. We began with wireframes in order to plan the content each page would hold, then began designing out the site using those wireframes and the brand strategy as guides.

Victoria Crawford website home page
Victoria Crawford website services page
Victoria Crawford website home page large view