We know we have a powerful domain and knew it needed to be represented well. We have worked with Strong Design many times over the years and knew Melissa was the person for the job. She focused on the core of our brand and is committed to making sure our clients and potential clients get the complete message.

Craig Hauer, United Printing + Mailing
Craig Hauer headshot

Project Background

When United came to us, they were looking to redesign their website to offer online ordering capabilities. We’ve worked with United Printing + Mailing many times in the past, but this has been the largest project to date. The process for printing and mailing a direct mail campaign requires quite a bit of detailed information, so we worked with United to determine what information would be needed to accept online orders, and helped them map out that process. From there we helped United put their new website design together one piece at a time—from architecture and wireframes to layout, copy, photography, project management and quality assurance.

United came to us with an existing logo and color palette that had become integral to their brand image. We paired these elements with a friendly san-serif typeface to create an approachable feeling for the website.

United Printing logo design
United signature color palette

Before starting any visual design, we created a flowchart mapping out the process for placing an online order, then wireframed out each of the key pages.

United order process flow
United website wireframes

We used the wireframes and the existing brand image to lay out the website pages.

United website design - home page
United website design - product page
United responsive website design
United website design - order configurations
United website design - about us page - large view

We worked with United to art-direct a photoshoot to capture images for the site. We took images of their key team members and warm, homey images of their products in use.

United photoshoot art direction

Upon completion of the website, we worked with United to plan, write and design a capabilities brochure that they can send to prospective customers who are looking for more information.

United brochure design cover
United brochure design spread
United brochure design spread