I began working with Strong Design at the beginning of a massive endeavor. Melissa turned a dream of mine into something tangible. She built an unyielding foundation for my brand that has become the core of my company. Melissa is consistent and efficient while producing work that transcends the norm.

Ellen Burcham, The Lucky Childe

Project Background

The Lucky Childe is an up-and-coming cafe concept based in Reno, NV that is designed to create a child-focused environment where kids, parents and other caregivers can eat, learn, and play together as a family and community. Their long-term vision is to franchise the business, so their branding needed to be able to support a wide variety of use. By the time they found us, they were frustrated from being burned by two previous designers. Their frustration made our hears hurt, and we wanted to make sure to do their amazing vision justice. The brand has been designed to be fun and kid-friendly, while simultaneously maintaining a level of sophistication that would make parents comfortable as well. To create this feeling we recommended a palette of deep, saturated colors, a beautiful, flowing serif typeface and rich textures and pattern worlds. The logo is based on the idea that catching a fish is lucky, and other good-luck symbols are peppered throughout the brand elements as well. The entire system is designed to be rich and multi-faceted and extensible over time as they extend the brand into new locations.

The Lucky Childe logos
The Lucky Childe color palette
The Lucky Childe typefaces
The Lucky Childe patterns
The Lucky Childe business cards
The Lucky Childe textures
The Lucky Childe landing page