Strong Design is so easy to work with, organized, accountable, and of course, unbelievably talented. They created branding and a website for my business that perfectly reflects me and reinforces my brand at every touchpoint. I get compliments on it all the time, and several clients have even hired me specifically because of my website and collateral.

Shaina Rozen, Sidetone
Shaina Rozen headshot

Project Background

Shaina Rozen had worked for multiple brand and marketing agencies, so when she decided to strike out on her own she knew the value of building a brand from day one. Being in the branding profession herself, she had a clear strategy in mind so we helped her engineer an identity system that delivered on her brand promise. From there we produced her business stationery system and worked with her to assemble her site architecture and created a website design that is consistent with her brand image.

Sidetone was looking to put forth a image that was simple and direct, yet cheerful. We developed a brand mark that capitalizes on the speech bubble as a symbol for communication, and features a wavy  S that references a signal being transmitted. The Sidetone color palettes has one foot rooted in tradition and one in delight.

Sidetone logo design
Sidetone color palette

We selected a simple san-serif typeface for its approachability and a modern slab-serif face for the  solid and straightforward impression it creates. A signature handwriting pattern was also created as a reminder of Sidetone’s expertise in all things word-related.

Sidetone signature typefaces
Sidetone pattern

The Sidetone collateral features detailed line work, paired with the signature handwriting pattern. The coral edge-painting on the business cards and notecard seals create an unexpected bit of delightful color.

Sidetone business cards
Sidetone notecards

Once we had the visual system in place, we worked with Sidetone on the information architecture of the website and build out the site based on that information.

Sidetone website home page
Sidetone responsive website
Sidetone website about page