We worked with Strong Design on a website relaunch that needed to be done in a heroic timetable. Melissa is great to collaborate with from a creative perspective, and the first design she came back with was spot-on. She's not only a skilled designer, but excellent with client communication and asking the right questions. With her help, we completed the project not only on schedule but several days ahead of time.

Vanessa Camones, theMIX agency
Vanessa Camones headshot

Project Background

When theMIX agency (tMa) was tasked to redesign the RockYou website, a tight launch schedule came with the deal. They quickly approached their colleagues at Vuurr to help them build out the site, and Vuurr brought us in to handle the visual design. RockYou had recently refined their brand assets to better align with their culture, so it was our responsibility to integrate that image into the visuals of the new website design. tMa worked with RockYou directly to define the architecture of the site while we designed out the key pages and Vuurr brought the finished website design to life. Together we were able to launch the site not only on time, but early!

RockYou came to us with a few core brand assets—their typographic logo and a fresh, light color palette. We paired these elements with a subtle pixel texture and lively icon style that continued their fun, yet professional nature.

RockYou logo
RockYou color palette
RockYou signature typeface
RockYou pattern and icon styles

theMIX agency worked with RockYou to plan the architecture of the site, and provided wireframes that we used along with the provided brand guidelines to design the site pages.

RockYou website home page design
RockYou website network page design
RockYou website about page design
RockYou website home page design - large view
RockYou website about page design - large view