After a lengthy search to find just the right company to take on our web design and branding project, we were directed to Melissa Balkon at Strong Design Studios by way of recommendation. Both early on and throughout the project we found Melissa to be someone who is genuinely interested in our success as evidenced by her thorough and detailed analysis of our company and vision. She provided an unmatched level of detail and persistence on the project guiding us through every step along the way, even through launch and beyond. Melissa exhibited a superior blend of design skill, branding expertise and service which led to an exceptional finished product. The wait was definitely worth it and we will continue to use Melissa as we move forward.

Steve Skertich, Prestige Nurses
Steve Skertich headshot

Project Background

When Steve Skertich of Prestige Nurses came to us, he was looking to update their web presence to be more modern and better reflect their personality as an organization and help them stand out from their competitors. Although they didn't have a defined brand image, they opted to start with the website design first. Despite starting with the website design, we worked through getting to know the Prestige brand and what it stood for and designed a new website with these criteria in mind. Once the site was completed, Steve was so happy with the evolution that he wanted to address the logo and collateral as well!

We developed a logo for Prestige that references their expertise in travel nursing with a stylized P-shaped map pin, and brighten up their existing shade of navy and paired it with another lighter blue and some purples to strike a balance between modernity and warmth.

Prestige logo design
Prestige color palette

In order to retain a little bit of the traditional look, we selected a serif typeface, which we paired with a san serif typeface that acts as an accent face that adds friendliness.

Prestige signature typefaces
Prestige photo treatment

We use a blue and purple gradient photo treatment in order to add a feeling of warmth, and in order to add a visual component to some of the marketing content, we developed custom illustrations and icons in a linear style that is friendly and approachable.

Prestige icons and illustrations

The Prestige collateral reinforces their brand through the use of their signature colors, warm gradient, and whimsical illustrations.

Prestige business cards
Prestige Holiday Card

Once we had a solid system in place for the brand image, we began working on the website design. Before beginning the visual design, we mocked up detailed wireframes to map out the content that should be on each page, and how it would adapt to smaller screens.

Prestige website wireframes

Once we had created a plan for the content on each page, we began designing out the site using the wireframes and visual system as guides.

Prestige website home page
Prestige website nurses page
Prestige website home page large view