It has been my pleasure to work with Strong Design for several years. I am so impressed with Melissa's ability and talent to capture the vision for my clients' projects. She has exceeded my expectations for project design, time management and staying within budget.

Jackie Brown, JaxDesign
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Project Background

When Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH) approached JaxDesign about redesigning their triannual publication, Hopes & Dreams, she reached out to us to help her execute on the project. PCH was looking to modernize the publication, and we helped them do that through the development of a new masthead and crisp, grid-based layout system that integrated PCH's existing color palette, typefaces and graphic treatments.

We redesigned the masthead to be more modern and balance crispness and softness. It blended well with the vivid color palette and typefaces that they already used in their marketing.

PCH masthead design
PCH signature color palette
PCH signature typefaces
PCH winter issue cover design
PCH winter inside spread
PCH winter inside spread
PCH spring issue cover design
PCH spring inside spreads
PCH Fall issue cover design
PCH fall issue spreads