What stood out most about working with Strong Design was that they really took the time to understand my company and our needs as a brand. I never felt like they were just throwing out ideas, but rather truly crafting an identity for us. And I believe the final product really speaks for itself.

Chadwick Fowler, Modwed
Chadwick Fowler headshot

Project Background

When Chadwick Fowler of ModWed came to us looking to rebrand his luxury wedding photography and cinema business, he had already attempted to go through the brand identity process with several other designers, and was frustrated at the fact that they were unable to grasp his vision and turn it into a reality. He was gearing up to exhibit at a major wedding show in less than two months, and felt he was running out of time to establish a new image and produce new marketing collateral in time for the event. We held an in-depth brand strategy workshop to work through Chadwick's business goals and really internalize his vision for ModWed.

The brand needed to be elite, modern, and fun in order to properly reflect Chadwick’s style and the type of relationships he has with his clients. We found inspiration in the bold, black-and-white qualities of the world of high-fashion brands.

Modwed inspiration images

The sophisticated, typography of high-fashion brand marks directly inspired the Modwed logomark. The simple mark is paired with a vibrant color palette sampled from the colors found in Chadwick’s signature photographic style.

Modwed logo design
Modwed color palette

We selected one clean, friendly san-serif typeface, and paired it with a rich serif typeface in order to achieve the balance of high-end fun. Additional elements included a clean, linear icon style, and use of color overlays and masks in tandem with feature photos.

Modwed signature typefaces
Modwed icon style
Modwed photo treatment
Modwed type treatment

Chadwick was looking for an unexpected element in the business cards, so together we chose to use a square format instead of traditional rectangular cards. Creation of three variations featuring a different brand color and feature photo made the cards even more fun.

Modwed business cards

We also implemented a whimsical component to the letterhead by creating three versions, each with a different color border and backer.

Modwed letterhead

We also developed a presentation folder, DVD wallet and trifold brochure design that featured the signature bold panels and featured photos.

Modwed pocket folder
Modwed trifold brochure

We art-directed a simple theme customization for the Modwed site in order to ensure they were findable online. We hope that in the future we will be able to build out a fully branded, custom site.

Modwed temporary website