I have been working with Melissa for over 10 years, and every time she has produced designs that have served us well. Her design of our logo and brochure have been improved awareness for Mission French Africa, thanks embedding our mission in the image of Africa. We are encouraged by Melissa's patience, and we really treasure our business relationship with her.

Paul Mpindi, Mission French Africa
Paul Mpindi headshot

Project Background

When Paul Mpindi came to us, he was on the verge of launching a new organization, Mission French Africa, which aims to bring the word of God to people in the French-speaking countries of Africa. Paul knew what the message he needed to convey and knew what materials he needed, but called on us to bring in the expertise to put everything together. We developed a visual system that brings consistency to all of the facets of his ministry, and helped him with the marketing collateral design and lesson booklets for the mission.

The Mission French Africa logo is designed to look weathered in nature to reflect the history of that region. Both English and French versions were created for use in different countries, and the red hue was inspired by the African flag, and selected for its boldness.

Mission French Africa logo design
Mission French Africa color palette
Mission French Africa signature typefaces

We used the new look and feel to create a stationery system, brochures and lesson booklets.

Mission French Africa stationery
Mission French Africa brochure
Mission French Africa lesson booklets