Strong Design's confident approach to the design process gave our website re-design the structure it needed to bring it to life. Not only could Melissa and team immediately understand the big picture, but they focused on the details, making sure every meeting and mockup moved the project forward. Even in the early stages, the crisp way Melissa delivered updates made it incredibly exciting to see the progress.

Anica Wensman, Formerly of MightyHive
Anica Wensman headshot

Project Background

When MightyHive initially approached us, they simply needed a couple of sales sheets redesigned. The redesign of these items led to the design of many other pieces and soon a conversation about redesigning their website. MightyHive's CEO, Pete Kim, had mentioned on numerous occasions how he didn't feel their existing image was an accurate reflection of their company. So before starting the website design, we suggested refining their brand image to better align the image of company. We leveraged the refreshed identity system to redesign the website and many other pieces of collateral.

MightyHive came to us with an existing logo that they loved, so we helped them put together a system that worked with the logo, including updating the color palette so that it was a bit more approachable, while still remaining bold.

MightyHive existing logo
MightyHive color palette

We selected one friendly san-serif typeface, and paired it with a bold all-caps condensed face. We specified an illustrational icon style to support content items as needed, and created a signature pattern to add dimension and create the feeling of data moving.

MightyHive signature typefaces
MightyHive icon style
MightyHive pattern

We worked with the MightyHive team to develop a series of sales sheets for use by their sales team.

MightyHive sales sheets

Before beginning the website design, we wireframed the site pages in order to plan out the structure of the content, and how the pages respond at various screen sizes.

MightyHive website wireframes

Once we had created a plan for the content on each page, we designed the site using the visual system we had established previously.

MightyHive website home page
MightyHive website about page
MightyHive website product page