I've kept my eye on Strong Design Studio ever since I first noticed the high-quality work they did for a couple startups I'm familiar with and boy did they come through for us! They created a beautiful and functional website on a constrained budget and they did so with the utmost of professionalism.

Jason Roberts, Math Academy
Jason Roberts

Project Background

When Math Academy came to us, they had a fantastic logo design, but were struggling to figure out how to parlay that into a beautiful, easy-to-understand website. As a young, cutting-edge math curriculum, it was critical for them to give parents and students the information they needed, in a package that instilled confidence, professionalism, and a little bit of coolness. They described their style as modern, futuristic and clean—much like if Tony Stark and Elon Musk were to be combined.  Before jumping into the website design, we worked with them to develop a set of brand elements that delivered on this style and coordinated with their existing logo. Once we had the brand elements in place, we helped them tell their story using the Squarespace website platform. The end result is a polished, easy-to-use websites that positions them as professionals and helps parents and students get the information they need, all while providing an easy-to-update site for the Math Academy team and working within their constrained budget.

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