Melissa really tries to connect with the heart and vision of the client—her logo and branding were able to bring my passion to life!

Mike Sanfratello, Low Man Wins
Mike Sanfratello photo

Project Background

When Low Man Wins came to us, they had a vision for a public speaking business that aimed to spread the message of servant leadership. They knew in order to be taken seriously, they needed to develop a proper brand identity and a professional website. Our Brand Starter Package was a perfect fit! The name Low Man Wins is taken from the football field—where their founder, Mike Sanfratello, spent the beginning of his career. It refers to how getting into a low position enables a player to have more leverage on their opponent. We worked with them to develop a logo and colors, typefaces and visual treatments that symbolized their core idea of winning in life by "going low" and played off the underlying athletic theme that is so prevalent in their message. Once we had their brand image firmly in place, we helped Low Man Wins tell their story through a website built on the Squarespace platform. We selected the Squarespace platform for it's easy WYSIWYG interface and because it helped us maximize Low Man Wins' initial budget for the project.

Low Man Wins logos
Low Man Wins color palette
Low Man Wins typefaces
Low Man Wins patterns
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Low Man Wins business cards
Low Man Wins website
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