Working with Strong Design is always a joy, and our latest ongoing project is no different. Their ability to take direction from developers and product and business-focused team members that are not well-versed in graphic design and interpret it into a beautiful, elegant and usable layout is unparalleled. Their attention to detail, work ethic, and timeliness are fantastic and refreshing. I would always recommend them for any web or application-related layout and design.

Jonathan Kressaty, Levers
Jonathan Kressaty headshot

Project Background

When the Levers approached us, they had a killer idea backed by team of mad data scientists ready to make it a reality. They were developing a tool which compiled an organization's online marketing data, and then simulated projections about the future performance of those channels. As Apple fans, they understood that a great idea alone doesn't always get traction. They needed to develop an irresistible brand image, website design and a product interface that made big data easy to understand.

We developed a custom wordmark that referenced the idea of acceleration and upward motion, and selected a moody, monochromatic palette punctuated with pops of candy-colored hues.

Levers logo design
Levers signature color palette

The addition of the slightly angular Verb type family and illustrations created from geometric “data bits” created a data-inspired visual language for the brand.

Levers signature typefaces
Levers signature shapes

With the brand identity system in place, we set forth to design the marketing website.

Levers website home page design

We worked closely with the Levers team to design and refine the marketing site so achieve the goal of making the complexity of the Levers product easy for customers to understand.

Levers Website
Levers website design and email design

Once the marketing site was well on its way, we got to working with the Levers team to create an application user interface that made the complex data easier to interact with.

Levers application UI, forecast graph
Levers application UI, forecast screen
Levers app, create simulation screen

We worked with the Levers team to design pitch deck that explained their vision, and created several custom illustrations to help visually tell this story.

Levers pitch deck

With the most critical components of the product design well along the way, we got to help Levers with some other fun items like t-shirts, custom skateboard decks and sales slicks.

Levers T-Shirt
Levers skateboard designs
Levers sales sheets