As someone who works with Strong Design on everything from UI to marketing design, I can absolutely say that their ability to understand our product at a fundamental level and then create strong visuals that tell a great story has helped us stay efficient and lean while creating a killer product. They have provided important insights that our team may have overlooked, especially when it’s something we’ve been looking at from a particular angle for some time.

Jonathan Kressaty, Levers
Jonathan Kressaty headshot

Project Background

After nearly a year in business, Levers had collected substantial data and feedback from their users on their product. They learned that many users seemed slightly overwhelmed by the intensity of the product, so they were on a mission to simplify the concept. As part of that endeavor, they felt a shift in the brand experience would reinforce their efforts, so we embarked on iterating the image and user interface design to be much more approachable and easier to use.

In second iteration of the Levers brand, we kept the existing logo, color palette and graphic elements, but replaced the heavy look of the previous iteration with a light, white look.

Levers 2.0 logo design
Levers 2.0 signature color palette
Levers 2.0 signature typeface
Levers 2.0 illustration style

The new light, white look  of the marketing and app interfaces made the product feel much more friendly, approachable and easy to use.

Levers 2.0 home page design
Levers 2.0 about us page design

The refreshed Levers app not only features the new lighter aesthetic, but is also reworked to be simpler for users to use by moving them through a multi-step process to help them navigate their data.

Levers 2.0 app design - blueprint screen
Levers 2.0 app design - optimizations screen
Levers 2.0 app design - opportunities screen
Levers 2.0 app design - blueprint screen - large view