We are a strong competitor in the marketplace and would not be achieving this level of success without Melissa as our brand strategist. She is amazing at cutting through the clutter and the noise. She knows that everyone and everything is fighting for people’s attention, so she listened and discovered the heart and purpose of our company, then built a brand out of it. She has our highest recommendation!

Monte Nap, Good Neighbor Pool Service
Monte Nap photo

Project Background

When Good Neighbor Pool Service came to us, they were initally just looking for a bit of consulting and clean-up on their existing website. However, after hearing their vision for the company, it was obvious that they really needed a rework of their brand identity in order to create an outward impression that matched with their amazing vision. Good Neighbor is much more than a traditional pool service company in that they really want to live their name and serve their neighborhood and become trusted partners with their customers. The final result is a brand image that juxtaposes a friendly and modern feel with an homage to "the good ole days" using vivid colors, whimsical patterns, and a faded vintage photography style.

Good Neighbor Pools logo
Good Neighbor Pools color palette
Good Neighbor Pools typefaces
Good Neighbor Pools patterns
Good Neighbor Pools photography style
Good Neighbor Pools business cards