Strong Design Studios artfully captured the key points of my vision and articulated them in such a way that enabled true differentiation among a sea of products, and created an easy-to-use shopping experience with an elegant, unique aesthetic. They exceeded my expectations and excited me about my own brand.

David Harrison, Fleur Labs
David Harrison headshot

Project Background

When David Harrison of FleurLabs came to us, he was excited about the possibility of bringing their all-natural beauty solutions to the masses. Despite his excitement to start selling FleurLabs' products, he felt unsure about how to begin building a brand for their line of products and completely overwhelmed by the process of planning, designing and launching an ecommerce website. We worked with David to establish a strategy for the brand design so that we would have a firm foundation for the execution of the brand collateral, packaging and website.

We developed a logo focused around the  idea of a modernized fleur-de-lys and achieved a modern, yet feminine feel by using almost exclusively black-and-white paired with small bursts of pink and peach.

Fleur Labs logo design
Fleur Labs color palette

We chose to use very simple typography to reinforce the pure qualities of the product and create a clean, airy experience for customers.

Fleur Labs signature typefaces
Fleur Labs gradient element

Our Fleurlabs packaging prototype ideas featured clean white boxes and clear bottles to further reflect the clean, pure nature of the product.

Fleur Labs packaging prototypes

A surprise burst of color inside the boxes would create a moment of delight for a customer.

Fleur Labs box interior

The Fleurlabs business cards are crisp and clean, with another unexpected burst of color on the back when the card is flipped over.

Fleur Labs business cards

Once we had a solid system in place for the brand image, we began working on the website design. Before beginning the visual design, we mocked up detailed wireframes to map out the content that should be on each page, and how it would adapt to smaller screens.

Fleur Labs website wireframes

Once we had created a plan for the content on each page, we began designing out the site using the wireframes and brand image strategy as guides.

Fleur Labs website home page
Fleur Labs website product page
Fleur Labs website cart page
Fleur Labs responsive website