Working with Melissa is a true joy. Her ability to take complex problems and boil them down into simple, straightforward design solutions makes her my go-to designer for my own needs, as well as for my clients. She's efficient, affordable, and incredibly low-maintenance, making her a pleasure to send work to. I can trust that the work will be completed on time, on budget, and done beautifully.

Kim Higdon, English/Moon
Kim Higdon headshot

Project Background

Kim made a bold decision in 2011 to leave her agency job and open her very own consulting firm focused on helping marketing agencies market themselves. She felt that while most agencies were brilliant at helping their clients discover who they were, they were simply too close to their own business to examine themselves as objectively. However, before she could start helping her clients with their image, she knew she needed walk the walk and put down roots for her brand first. During our brand design workshop, Kim explained how she crafted her business processes around the concept of conserving her clients' core attributes and restoring them. She wanted to reference these ideas in her brand image, as well as reflect her classic, quirky style.

Kim’s company was named after a form of braille, which she felt was a good symbol for communication. The logo features the name bracketed by the “E” and “M” characters of the braille alphabet.

English Moon logo design
English Moon color palette
English Moon signature typefaces
English Moon signature patterns

We developed a set of visual elements designed to reference conservation and restoration visually throughout her marketing pieces, and to balance the business’ traits of classic style and quirkiness.

English Moon business card design
English Moon book design
English Moon website and email design