Project Background

When Carrington College came to us, they were fed up with their website design and knew they needed to make a change to bring it into the modern era. They had a solid idea of how the site needed to be organized, but did not currently have strong experience in designing for the web within their current in-house design team. We worked with the team to build out the core website pages, and continue to work with them to iterate additional areas of the website design, as well as other web-based projects.

Carrington came to use with an existing brand guidelines—including logo, fonts, colors and treatments—that we used to design the different facets of their web presence.

Carrington's supplied brand style guide
Carrington brand color palette

Carrington provided us with wireframes for the site and we built out the pages using the existing style guide for the Carrington brand.

Carrington website design - home page
Carrington website design - Campus page
Carrington website design - Program page
Carrington website design - Home page - large view

We also helped Carrington restructure and redesign a web-based tool that they use during campus tours with prospective students.

Carrington Nest slideshow

Note: The information in these images are for mockup purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as actual program or career information.