Trend Spotting

Tired trend: About pages

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy. Did I really just assert that About pages are tired? Why yes I did. Don’t think I’m crazy. I’m not suggesting that everyone has to ditch their About pages. What I am suggesting is that people have gotten to the point where they include an About page by default when Read the full article »

Design Defined

What is a brand; the sequel

 We’ve written a previous post in an attempt to define branding using an illustration from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, however we wanted to write a companion post in hopes to clarify branding a bit more. Although we help people build their brands all day and all night, it is always tough to describe it when someone Read the full article »

Burning Questions

How to prepare for a business photo shoot

For many businesses, photography can be such an important part of putting your best foot forward. However, many people don’t take proper considerations before taking their photos. Here are a few tips for how to prepare for a business photo shoot. Professional photography makes a huge difference. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Read the full article »

Burning Questions

What is the lifespan of a website?

My site was designed several years ago, and now I’m wondering if I should have my site redesigned. What is the average lifespan of a website before it needs to be redone? Goodness knows websites have changed a lot site the first one launched back in the early 90s. The technology has grown immensely in the Read the full article »

Burning Questions

What can I expect from my website redesign project?

Several years ago I built my own site, and I’m thinking it is time for an upgrade. Can you tell me about what I can expect during my website redesign? Taking the step to hire someone to design your website—whether for the very first time or as part of a redesign—can be a pretty scary Read the full article »

Burning Questions

What are some books to help me improve my business?

I currently run a small business, and lately I’ve been looking for ways to stretch, grow and make it better. Can you recommend some books to improve business? Around the Strong Design studio, reading is one of our favorite past-times. I always am surprised by the new things I’ve learned by the time I’ve completely Read the full article »

Around the studio

The 21-Day Drawing Challenge

A little over a week ago, I attended the HOW Live Design Conference, and attended a session by Von Glitschka entitled “Drawing Conclusions: How Drawing Improves Design.” At the end of that session, Von challenged each of us to a 21-day drawing challenge. In the past couple of years have become obsessed with hand-drawn type. I’m Read the full article »

Trend Spotting

Trending: Logo systems

Whether you’re just starting your business, or you’ve been in business for years, you understand the importance of your logo. As we’d explained before, a great logo design serves as an identifier for your company—a visual shortcut—and sets the proper tone for what it is like to work with your business. But what if your logo Read the full article »

Burning Questions

What are some recommendations for creating my own logo?

I just started my own business, and I need a logo design however, I can’t afford a professional design yet. Do you have any tips for creating something that can get me started? Sometimes, as much as you value the idea of having a professional logo designed, it just isn’t in your budget yet. Never Read the full article »

Burning Questions

What are some inexpensive, do-it-myself website options?

I just started a new business, and as much as I’d really like to have a professional website designed for it, I just don’t have the budget yet. Do you have any tips to create your own website? Although web design has become quite affordable, the cost can still be too much for a brand-new Read the full article »