As usual, Phoenix Design Week (PHXDW) was awesome again this year! And just like in previous years, they had a poster exhibition where designers could submit their interpretation of this year’s theme. The 2012 theme was ‘Here and Now,’ and I thought it could be fun to submit an entry this year, and so I chose to practice my type by creating a typographic solution.

The poster is called “True to ourselves” and is a commentary on how often we find ourselves wishing we were someone else. This poster is a commentary on being true to the Phoenix community and embracing that as a foundation for our creative community, rather than trying to emulate another city’s creative culture. As a visual illustration of this concept, the design integrates Native American symbols in a fresh modern way. The reinvention of these tired, stereotypical symbols so commonly found in Arizona gift shops is a visual metaphor for how the Phoenix design community can reflect on the strengths we possess right now and reinterpret those qualities in order to use them as leverage for our creative future.

PHXDW 2012 Strong Design Poster Design submission

Our final submission to the 2012 PHXDW poster competition